Austria River Cruises

Austria River Cruises

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With Alpine winter sports, some of the most impressive architecture in Europe, an unrivaled musical tradition, and the Danube River, Austria River Cruises is an extremely popular destination year-round. Travelers will enjoy Austria river cruises along the Danube, visiting the capital, Vienna, with its beautiful buildings and public squares; and charming towns like Passau, where they will be charmed by picture-perfect castles, beautiful cathedrals and cobblestone streets.

Austria is a mountainous central European country whose name, Österreich, means “eastern realm.” Its capital, Vienna, lies on the Danube River, so Austria river cruises guests can easily walk right off the ship and tour the city. The Danube is 1,775 miles long and a cruise on this grand European river can take you from Germany to Hungary to the Black Sea. Within Österreich, cruise destinations can include the captivating city of Linz and the historic abbey of Melk. Austria River cruises along the river provide the sights and sounds of Austria’s charming villages that cannot be seen from any other vantage point. Austria River cruises on the Danube River is a wonderful way to learn more about this beautiful country. With an area of 32,378 square miles, the country consists of nine independent federal states, each with its own provincial government. Ninety-eight percent of Austria’s approximately 8 million inhabitants speak German; about 74% are Roman Catholic, 5% are Protestant and the rest belongs to other faiths.

The Austrian landscape is a striking combination of the Danube River and the mountainous terrain of the Austrian Alps. Along the river lies the striking Wachau Valley, home to vineyards, apricot groves, picturesque villages and spectacular views so beautiful that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Guests who take a river cruise through the Wachau Valley feel that they are in a picture postcard, with constantly changing views of the bridges, castles and lovely scenery along both sides of the river

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