Galapogos River Cruises

Galapogos River Cruises

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The Galapagos Islands, located about 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, are truly one of the planet’s wonders. They rank up there with Africa as a ‘must-visit’ destination for sophisticated travelers worldwide, and particularly those interested in wildlife. Galapagos is a relatively newer tourism destination, as the first organized trips didn’t start until 1967.

While the Galapagos are certainly a destination onto themselves, mainland Ecuador is also a fascinating destination in its own right. As a result, you can’t go wrong extending your Galapagos cruise and seeing more than just these islands. We’re excited to assist you in planning your visit to the Galapagos – an adventure we guarantee you will never forget.

Visitors are steadily increasing to the Galapagos, which is putting a strain on the infrastructure and the environment. Tourism has provided jobs and income for residents, and many visitors have become advocates for conservation after visiting the destination. There is a fine balance between the positive benefits of tourism and the strain tourism puts on the environment. For now, tourism is being managed, and we support a moratorium on increased growth.

You visit the Galapagos islands by river. The most popular way to visit the islands is on a Galapagos Islands cruise, where you sleep and eat aboard ship, visiting the islands by day. Or you can stay on land at a hotel, and take day trips by boat to nearby islands. The latter is less preferred largely because you can’t visit most of the islands on a day boat from land, and it involves more travel back and forth on a smaller vessel and becomes less practical. Visits to the uninhabited islands are always done by day, as visitors are not allowed to be ashore on the uninhabited islands after sunset.

Large cruise ships don’t visit the Galapagos. They can’t get the permits and the islands aren’t capable of handling thousands of people at a time. As a result, on a Galapagos vacation you travel on a smaller yacht-like ship, or small cruise ship, generally accommodating anywhere from 10 to 100 passengers. Naturalist guides travel with you and escort you to the islands providing expert commentary on various aspects of geology, birdlife, wildlife, fauna, etc.

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