Price Guarantee

Best Price and Service Guarantee

Best River Cruise Deals guarantees all prices at the time of booking

In order to qualify for the guarantee, the rate that appears in any advertising must be available for booking and the identical Cruise-Only product (Ship, Destination, Date, Category, etc). The customer must meet the requirements for any rules that apply from the cruise lines in offering the rate. Examples of requirements would be residency, age, affinity groups, etc. The lowest price guaranteed only applies to the cost of the cruise. The guarantee does not apply to air, land components, onboard charges, etc. This offer is only valid on cruiselines that are members of CLIA. Rates must be published on the Web by accredited Travel Agency and available to the general public. All prices shown in our search engine are offline.

The Best River Cruise Deals prices shown are from our database and are updated regularly from the cruise lines. Unfortunately, transmission errors, recent cruise line updates and availability make it impossible to guarantee prices until a booking is made. For exact pricing and availability, contact Best River Cruise Deals at 1-888-539-1881. All rates are subject to change and availability. our client service department is available every hour of every business day. Whether you are a past passenger of Best River Cruise Deals or a first-timer, we realize that questions may arise from time to time. Even with all these goodies, we realize that cruisers, whether experienced or first-timers, sometimes need help in choosing their cruise vacation or specifics about their travel arrangements.

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we attempt to answer all your questions and concerns before you set sail. Our help desk is there for you during business hours to offer you advice and answer your questions before AND after you book your cruise. And if the line is busy, we’ll get back to you promptly. 

Thanks, and welcome to Best River Cruise Deals.