Variety River Cruises


Variety Cruises offers life-enriching journeys for the inquisitive mind. Variety cruises combine a private yachting type of onb oard experience with mesmerizing ports of call to offer our guests an authentic and memorable travel experience and become part of the Variety Cruises family.

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When you visit a destination with Variety Cruises, you can expect a destination-focused journey that is enhanced by their Cruise Leaders, excursions in small numbers and Variety Cruises docking location right in the heart of the port visited.While Variety Cruises earned their reputation with their Greece programs, they have expanded their ships deployment to include the Adriatic and Venice, the Red Sea and Egypt and in 2010/11 the Rivers of West Africa from Dakar -Senegal and the Black Sea from Odessa and Istanbul.
Last but not least, Variety Cruises have created a collection of Theme Cruises which will certainly tempt their Variety Club Passengers as well as new friends looking for a cruise out of the ordinary.

Variety Cruises upscale mega yachts feature 25 to 36 cabins to further enhance the small ship, personal experience.

And, with Key Traveler unique Cash Back and Price Assurance, you are assured the best deals on Variety cruises.